To set up V6 SSL connection you would need to do the following steps:Download “KeyStore Explorer” freeware from

With the help of KeyStore Explorer you need to create a new Keystore.

If there is an existing SSL certificate available – you would need to import it:

If there isn’t any available SSL certificate you would need to create one:

SAVE the JKS Keystore file. While saving the file it will ask for a password 2 times. The two password needs tobe the same. First password is for the keypair and the second is for the keystore file. This needs to be given inthe config as “keystorePass” parameter.

Stop the V6 server service.

Save the q-net/conf/server.xml files copy to a safe location – to be able to restore.

Modify the server.xml file on the below location:

  keystoreFile="c:\temp\" keystorePass="password" clientAuth="false"
   sslProtocol="TLS" />

NOTE! Please do not forget to modify the “keystoreFile” and “keystorePass” parameters.

Start the Q-Net V6 server service.

The server can now be opened on an SSL connection (https://servername/qnet6/)