• [New] Time based calling logic (Primary, Normal, Forced)
  • [New] Clerk limitations
  • [New] Zerotask rule fix
  • [New] Web-based pages automatic redirection, in case of master-slave architecture


  • [Fix] Kazah language code fix
  • [Fix] Hungarian language file improvement


  • [New] SQL based CRM implementations
  • [New] async CRM call support
  • [Fix] CRM call fix

Master-Slave architecture

  • [Fix] Master-slave communication fix


  • [Fix] RPI basedSH46 scroll problem fixed
  • [New] Double sided printing support
  • [New] Paypass (Omnikey) card reader support
  • [New] NemoQ display support on TCP/IP protocol
  • [Fix] Device Controller large ticket download problem fix
  • [Fix] Device Controller connection errors fix
  • [New] Ticket layout rotate with 180° (works only with 3” tickets)

Ticket dispenser

  • [New] Login button for the identification, before selecting a service
  • [New] Special service (for the physical button) (for blind and partially sighted clients)
  • [New] Ticket dispenser application (Electron based)
  • [New] Dynamic service appearance (based on the clerks and the matrix)
  • [New] Message after an unsuccessful magnet card reading
  • [New] Style editor: new styles: New ticket dispenser style for the Login and identify screen
  • [New] Description field added on the Booking and the Login screen

Admin panel

  • [Breaking change] In the dispenser style editor the services and the service groups are not ID based anymore (For the easier import/export)
  • [New] New ticket dispenser style for the Login and authentication screen
  • [New] Ticket advertisements can be set
  • [New] Service secondary name (branch name) can be set
  • [New] User External ID can be set
  • [New] Portal code for the branches
  • [New] Counter variant can be selected (Default / Sit / Stand / Consultant)
  • [New] Number intervals can be configured in the branches
  • [New] Primary tasks for the easier matrix configuration
  • [New] Counter notification reaction is now available for the alerts and rules
  • [New] Service number is shown in the service matrix and the ticket dispenser profile screen (instead of internal ID)
  • [New] Unique ID can be set for the Service groups


  • [New] Customer custom data can be shown from the „Sessions” data source
  • [New] Ticket details are available from the „Transactions” data source (Ticket number, printing time, closing time, closing type)

Call Center

  • [New] Search for date


  • [New] New API for the ticket advertisement maintenance
  • [Fix] Counter API fix and improvement


  • [New] Service selection on ticket dispenser
  • [New] Client arrived to booked appointment
  • [New] Clerk logged out