• [New] SSL settings in the Windows Installer.
  • [Fix] PostgreSQL database update issue fixed.


  • [Fix] Service name changing issue fixed.
  • [Fix] Dispenser Profile saving issue fixed.


  • [Fix] Arabic UI language issue fixed.


  • [New] add encrypted mode to Table displays

New start page implemented 

The top bar of the start page contains the most important links:

  • Website - Q-net website
  • Documentation - Online knowledge base and documentation
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and solutions 
  • Support - Q-net support site and ticket system

On the start page only the licensed modules will appear.

The devices are no longer available directly from the dashboard for privacy reasons. Without the links the users won't be able to browse the devices without admin privilege. 

To make the device links work, open the System administration, and navigate to the Servers tab and fill the Server URL field. Usually it is the http://SERVERIP:3000/qnet6

After the server URL is filled, the devices can be opened from the parameters tab, with the link next to the Open in browser text:

The Waiting Area Visualization is available from the Branches tab: