• [Fix] Visibility of items on start page issues are fixed in case of master-slave architecture.
  • [New] Call delay feature is implemented. It can be configured in Services admin page.
  • [New] Windows authentication option for database connection added to the installer (in case of MSSQL database).
  • [Fix] Server certificate merging issue fixed in case of master-slave architecture.
  • [New] Exception dates experimental feature added to appointment system.


  • [Fix] Branch-level appointment setting issue fixed.
  • [New] New role function added: Branch administrator with limited access.
  • [New] License warning notifications after logging to the Administration site.
  • [Fix] Branch / Counter number fields length is limited.


  • [New] Status change timestamp added to the `check` counter API.


  • [New] Encrypted mode added to QMate display protocol.
  • [Fix] Ticket layout download problem fixed in Device Controller.
  • [Fix] Display group skipping call feature is disabled. (In case the transaction started before displaying the ticket number)