• [New] After first start the master server URL is auto filled
  • [New] Certificate generation issue fixed in case of master-slave architecture. 
  • [Fix] Branch closing issue fixed in case of slave cluster architecture.
  • [Fix] Language knowledge handling issue is fixed.
  • [Fix] Appointment confirmation problem is fixed in case of master-slave-architecture.
  • [Fix] REST CRM ignore XML namespaces


  • [New] Customer feedback monitoring alert: Alert can be send after certain customer feedback answers
  • [New] Exception dates features added
  • [New] New clerk role function to enable/disable alarm function on software keyboard
  • [New] New clerk role function to enable/disable waiting clients list visibility on software keyboard
  • [New] New clerk role function to enable/disable ticket generating on software keyboard
  • [Fix] Call signal setting issue fixed

  • [Fix] Appointment email template missing variables issue fixed


  • [New] Counter display mode on CF04 Feedback device
  • [New] Calling delay feature added to hardware keyboards
  • [New] New SH49 LCD Counter Display device
  • [New] SH46 call information is stored temporally 
  • [New] "Fix CORS" option added to SH46 Infobox template in order to solve RSS access-control issues.
  • [New] Azerbaijan flag added to dispenser & feedback pages. 
  • [Fix] SH46 template saving triggers slave servers & device controllers to synchronize the changes immediately.
  • [Fix] HW keyboard unplug-plug freezing issue is fixed
  • [Fix] DS04/DS08 displays service text issue is fixed
  • [Fix] SH46 time refreshing issue  in scroll zone is fixed 
  • [Fix] Controlller "rootURL" trailing slash issues fixed


  • [Fix] The "login" counter API checks user rights.