• [New] Branch list is sorted in Start page.
  • [New] RestCRM module reads variables from response without XML namespaces.
  • [Fix] 'There is no logged in clerk for one of the services' monitoring alert issue fixed.


  • [New] "Sorting method of waiting clients" options are renamed.
  • [Fix] Dispenser profile structure is kept in case of saving errors.
  • [Fix] Slave server internal controller always stays in one of the assigned branches.


  • [Fix] Clear counter HW display after redirecting.
  • [Fix] Stop counting on Software Keyboard at missing ticket.
  • [Fix] "Ticket belongs to another branch" issue fixed
  • [Fix] Enable branch selection for SH46/SH49 in case of assigned internal Device Controller.
  • [Fix] Missing background image fixed in "Pool" SH46 template.
  • [Fix] Remove services buttons in Ticket Dispenser when branch is closed.


  • [Fix] Transaction closing type value fixed in case of deleted tickets.
  • [New] "Voice recording stopped" new event in Ticket history when clerk stopped voice recording manually.


  • [New] Using revision number in release version number instead of increment build number.