• New: code quality improvements.
  • Fix: fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: open links on new tab issue fixed on start page.
  • New: Customer identification data can be masked in database in order to hide sensitive user data (e.g.: credit card number).
  • New: Device controller, Ticket Dispenser, SH46 installers fixed to support silent parameterized installation.


  • New: available to ping slave servers.
  • New: Limit of appointments per e-mail address feature added.


  • New: Start time of transaction field added to "transaction" datasource fields.
  • Fix: PDF export with Cyrillic texts issue fixed.
  • New: Creation type of transaction & ticket field added.


  • Fix: User creation API fixed.
  • Fix: E-mail address truncation issue fixed in User API.
  • Fix: check permissions in all major statistics REST API.
  • Fix: getWaitingTickets counter REST API response fixed in case of zero tasks.