• [New] Upgrade signal sound files to better sounds and normalize volumes.
  • [New] Showing all branches on start page with redirection to dedicated servers.
  • [Fix] Some issues fixed in slave cluster communication.
  • [Fix] Waiting clients notification issue when counter is in status fixed.
  • [Fix] "Clerk closed a transaction" rule fixed.
  • [Fix] The "The waiting time of a certain ticket is too high" mointoring alert stopping issue fixed.
  • [Fix] Afterwork with zerotask issue fixed.


  • [New] Language texts organized into collapsible tabs in Languages page.
  • [New] Import license from file feature added.
  • [Fix] Central administrator role option is not available for branch administrators.


  • [New] Appointment and Authentication button custom styles fixed.
  • [New] Feedback (CF04) supports ticket numbers with letter prefix.
  • [New] Fixing auto call issue on Software Keyboard when browser tab is inactive.
  • [New] Magnetic card reading logic improved on Ticket Dispenser.


  • [Fix] Fixing some issue in Users API.
  • [Fix] CORS headers fixed.


  • [Fix] Clerk status report missing data issue fixed.
  • [Fix] Missing font added for PDF exports.
  • [Fix] Efficiency rates calculation fixed.