• [Fix] Fixing Tomcat static assets caching mechanism
  • [New] Adding option to enable Waiting Area per branch
  • [New] Adding new system properties for database connection:
    • ""
    • "database.user"
    • "database.password"


  • [New] New activities for user roles:
    • Read-only statistics view
    • Statistics with limited access
  • [New] Warning message when a media player is the member of a media player group
  • [New] Presenting ticket dispenser profile with limited access Administrator on "Ticket dispensers" page
  • [New] "DM22" display name changed to "SH58" and requires license
  • [New] New counter "kind" options: Private consultant, Cash free-standing counter
  • [New] New elements are available in Ticket Dispenser Style Editor
  • [New] Adding language selection option on Ticket Layouts page preview and test ticket printing


  • [New] Adding 4 digit ticket number option for Protocol 2 displays.
  • [Fix] Card reader handling bugfix
  • [Fix] Fix the issue to not display the languages on the ticket dispenser, which are unavailable in the branch
  • [New] More sophisticated reload of media players, to refresh only those devices which are affected in profile changing.
  • [New] Device Controller supports TLSv1.2
  • [New] Two new optional description fields on the printing page of the dispenser.

Media Manager

  • [New] Validity date for playlist elements
  • [New] Zone selection list added.


  • [Fix] Counter API response extended with the "callTicketFromList" & "callNextTicketByTask " ticket information
  • [New] New "getConfirmationCode" function in Appointment REST API.