• [New] New locale messages translations,
  • [New] Time-based matrix settings considers the user statuses and afterwork.


  • [Fix]Device Controller drop-down list filtered by branch on Displays page.
  • [FixFixing issue with "Voice recorders" menu item visibility.
  • [FixFixing a saving issue on Sound Players page.
  • [FixSH58 moving to another branch issue fixed.
  • [FixFixing errors on Media Players page.

Call Center

  • [FixFixing user permission issue in the Reservation List.


  • [New] Customer Feedback comment can appear as a table column.
  • [New] Ticket cancelling reason appears in the ticket history.
  • [FixModule name saving issue fixed.


  • [Fix]  The problem of "counter statistics timeout returned to incorrect page" fixed.
  • [New] Alphanumeric keyboard is available on Ticket Dispenser for authentication. 
  • [New] Advertisement is available on CF04 device.


  • [New] New "getWaitingTicketsCount" function in Counter REST API.
  • [Fix] Fixing performance issues in login functions.
  • [FixThe "login" and "loginSSO" accept usernames with dots.
  • [FixFixing re-login issue if the user has a live session.