New features

New appointment UI & REST API

This version introducing a new Appointment UI with several features:

  • more user-friendly
  • optimized for mobile devices
  • branch selection per regions
  • branch arrangement by distance or alphabetical
  • optional CAPTCHA

The new site is available: http://your-qms-server:3000/qnet6/appointment

The old appointment UI is also available still on http://your-qms-server:3000/qnet6/appointment.xhtml

Also introducing a new v2 Appointment REST API.

New advertisement solution on CF04 Customer Feedback devices

Presenting video and slideshow while the device is in idle status and during the transaction. Playlists can be created for the media contents per device.

New advertisement solution on web-based Ticket Dispensers

Adding video presentation to the web-based Ticket Dispensers screen. Playlists can be created for the media contents per device.

Other changes


  • [Fix] Fixing issue in afterwork function when the matrix has been modified during the transaction/afterwork.


  • [New] Exception days can be configured both on the central or branch level.
  • [Fix] SMS content length increasing.
  • [Fix] Fixing issue in time-based matrix settings on branch level.


  • [Fix] Solving a double printing issue with magnetic card readers


  • [New] New v2 Appointment REST API