• Fixing the calculation of feedback device quantities in license check logic (SH50 + SH47)
  • The new Paypass card reader implementation supports DKB-VISA cards.


  • Fixing issues in the concurrent record updating feature. 
  • the "Sync now" button visibility fixed on Device Controllers page.
  • "Send now" button added to the Statistics Scheduler page in order to execute immediately a scheduled report.
  • Fixing SMTP setting fields in branch-view.
  • License summary page reorganized for better visibility.
  • Counters sorted now by the counter number on the Service-Counter matrix page.

Waiting Area Visualization

  • The Visualization page is using now the branch default language instead of the global default language.


  • Printer status reading function implemented for Raspberry PI-based Ticket Dispensers.


  • Adding "missing" and "newTask" methods to the Counter REST API. 
  • Fixing "needAfterwork" parameter handling in "stopTransaction" method in the Counter REST API.