The purpose of the Appointment Proxy module is, to provide a safe solution to make available the booking page on the Internet.

With the help of this solution, the Appointment system is separated from Q-net server, it is enough opening the port of the appointment proxy, so the appointment pages will be accessible on Internet, while the other non-public pages of the Q-net system will be blocked.

The module is in a zip file (

Extract this file to your installation folder, e.g.  c:\Program Files\Q-net\Appointment Proxy\

Open a command line as administrator 

In the installation folder enter "service-install.bat":

Enter services.msc to open Windows services and start "Q-net Pro 6 Appointment Proxy Server":

The Q-net Server parameters and the working port of the appointment proxy server can be found and modified in config.js:

After modifying these parameters, pls. restart the service!