Websocket changes

In order to support newer Tomcat versions, the websocket communication module (between the website and the server) is changed. The changes are backwards compatible, which means, no need to upgrade the Device Controllers and Slave servers.

Other changes


  • [New] The minimum value of the normal and forced time of services is configurable in the Advanced Settings page on the Administration site.
  • [New] CORS filter is changed and configurable in conf/web.xml files.
  • [New] "X-Powered-By" header is turned off.

Smart Ticket

  • [Fix] Smart Ticket wrong design issue is fixed.


  • [New] SH59 software keyboard lists only the closing codes that are assigned to the given service.
  • [New] SH59 has a new widget view (in case of very small window size)

Upgrade instructions

Since many configuration files created during installation have also been changed, we recommend reinstalling the master and slave servers instead of upgrading only WAR files.

No need to reinstall/upgrade the master and slave servers at the same time, the new 6.10.0 version is compatible with the 6.9.x versions.