1. Central settings > Branches > Select the branch > Branch parameters > Enable appointment

2. Ticket dispenser profiles > Select the profile > Enable "Show appointment button on ticket dispenser"

3.Central settings > Optional modules > Appointment  Set the time interval, and choose the Profile to be used (The list provides the ticket dispenser service profiles)

In the service parameters Enable/disable whether if Appointment is available for a service or not, and set a booking interval (e.g. if you set 30 minutes, an appointment can be booked for 1PM, 1:30PM, 2PM, etc.)

4. Branch settings > Optional modules > Appointment Select the branch

You can overwrite the central settings of the time intervals, set the address of the branch, configure the text of confirmation and reminder emails here. But the most important is, to click on Booking, select the services one by one and set the available date and hours for which Appointments are available.

After this, you should be able to make reservations. But it is important to know, that if you are using appointment.xhtml, then you MUST get the confirmation e-mail and click on confirmation link. If you cannot set SMTP server for the demo, you can use the callcenter.xhtml for booking, it is not requiring the usage of confirmation link.